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Brickyard B.V.

Brickyard is a software development company that specializes in mobility solutions and an expert in combining and translating data into insights. Obtained through various sensors, such as number plate cameras, parking and enforcement systems, we combine all kinds of information in a smart way. We enrich and analyse these and also connect the data with third party applications. The result is an optimal enforcement policy and targeted governance, contributing to the liveability of our cities.


Brickyards purpose for existing

Cities introduce different sensors - such as number plate cameras, parking and enforcement systems - to measure, regulate and enforce mobility and living in the city. These different sensors collect enormous amounts of data. Combined in a smart way, this data tells the story of mobility in an area.


Brickyard translates data into regulation information

That clever combination is our reason, our purpose for existence. We are Brickyard; A software development company that specializes in mobility solutions. We are an expert in translating data into insights. Obtained through different sensors, we forward this data to intuitive applications, for example for enforcement agents and their managers. We connect and combine different types of sensors and connect them with third party applications. The purpose of all this is to cleverly gather, enrich and analyse all sorts of information.


From bus lane to city centre

We once started by closing the bicycle tunnel under the Rijksmuseum for mopeds and scooters using ANPR cameras. Now we enforce bus lanes, for example in Leeuwarden, we impede cut-through traffic in, for example in Kortenberg Belgium, and we reduce traffic in the centre of Delft. In addition, we count vehicles, for example in Emmen, and environmental zone enforcement can seamlessly connect. In addition, we also run the ScanGenius scan cars in several cities, from which we unlock the data.

What we do is combining lots of data

Our showpiece is an intelligent, robust and flexible back-office. Sturdy enough to gather lots of data, smart enough to combine everything. If the situation demands, we will also provide complete systems, including hardware, such as excellent ANPR cameras. You can trust us to know the latest trends and to be in the forefront of their application. However, our unique added value is our familiarity and experience with the underlying software that processes data from all kinds of sensors such as cameras, for optimal enforcement policies and targeted control.


Promote mobility and liveability

Data processing takes place at different levels. It starts with the translation of data from sensors to an application that enables targeted enforcement. Next, we will unambiguously translate data from different sensors in different locations with a similar goal, from one back-office to a clear management dashboard, in order to efficiently and effectively drive the operation. Finally, we bring together relevant data, which allows a city to analyse broader, which improves mobility in a sustainable way.


Sharing knowledge

We would like to share our knowledge and convincingly discuss the mobility in your city. It is our mission to contribute to the liveability of our cities.

The Yard of Bricks

In August 1909, the first car races were held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The track was constructed with crushed stone and tar and partly because of that, the track appeared to be very unsafe. Not much later, the circuit was paved with 3.2 million cobblestones and that’s how the circuit got his nickname, 'Brickyard'. In 1961, the circuit was completely resurfaced with asphalt, but at the start and finish line still lies 90 cm, or 1 yard, of the original stone pavement, the 'Yard of Bricks'.


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