• Reliable and vandal-resistant closure
  • Can be controlled using ANPR camera's
  • Illuminated LED ring for optimal visibility
  • Meets NEN 3384 standard
  • Online fault messages, including e-mail or text-message

Selective access provision

In retail or pedestrian areas it may be desirable or even necessary to physically close the area to motor vehicle traffic. An automatic (or dynamic) barrier like a bollard is the ideal solution for selectively closing such an area.

TMC provides a comprehensive range of bollards in various heights, diameters, materials and finishes.



A bollard moves hydraulically and is controlled from a central (electrical) enclosure. Detection loops in the road surface detect a vehicle, which signals the bollard to lower. A green traffic signal indicates that the driver can pass. The detection loops also ensure that the bollard does not come up too soon.


A bollard system can be controlled by detection loops or operated "manually", by offering a proximity card or a special coin at a control column.

The bollard can be remote controlled by a ANPR camera, or by a vehicle equipped with a transponder card or a separate remote control unit. After contact via an intercom system the bollard can also be remotely lowered by an operator in a control room.


  • Material: steel or stainless steel
  • Height: 400 - 800 mm
  • Diameter: 220 - 275 mm
  • Control: hydraulic, with build in pump


  • Reflective tape in red, white or yellow
  • LED illumination ring
  • Several cover options
  • Internal heater
  • Available in almost any RAL color
  • Also available as fixed bollards


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