Bluebrick enforcement

Enforcement under control

The Bluebrick enforcement software brings all the best of predecessors Eltraweb and Sphynxx to the handheld, smartphone and tablet. The modern, smart design makes monitoring and enforcement more efficient and the comprehensive and the well-organized Brickyard back-office offers the right tool for information-driven enforcement.

  • The law in your back pocket
  • Modern user interface
  • For Android and iOS
  • Cloud-based back-office



With Bluebrick is continuity guaranteed. All streets, violations, statement examples and even vehicle types are preinstalled. Even with a data network connection loss, the app will continue to function and the enforcement agent can continue to do his job.

Software connections in de app to various government agencies make it possible to retrieve real-time data, which will automatically be added in the app. Efficiency is paramount.


Bluebrick is offered as a Software-as-a-Service, which means no worries about installation, maintenance, management and hosting. Easy to use, but also easy to manage.

Management the tickets or fines in the easy to use Brickyard back-office. From the status report to the ticket overview. Complete incomplete tickets, add attachments and/or comments. Is the ticket correct? With a push of a button it is exported to the processing organization.


More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about enforcement with Bluebrick.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the Bluebrick enforcement app. Feel free to contact us or download the brochure


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