ScanGenius scan car

  • Efficient number plate based (parking) enforcement
  • Unique rooftop system fits any car
  • Can participate in normal traffic because of high scan rate
  • Suitable for many applications (parking, environmental zones, debts)

ANPR cameras

The automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR-cameras) are sensitive to infrared and visible light, so the ScanGenius can be used in every type of weather. The high-resolution cameras and optimized data processors deliver an unrivalled high scan rate (number plate recognitions) and read rate (correctly read number plates) and with the advanced GPS system the location of the scanned vehicles can be very accurately determined, allowing for fully automated enforcement.

User friendly

The ScanGenius scan system requires only minimal modifications. Only a roof passage for the power supply is needed. A heavier alternator and on-off switches (for example, in the form of steering wheel paddles) are optional.

By placing the ANPR cameras on top of the roof the number plates of parallel parked cars are also perfectly readable and the driver maintains an unobstructed view all around the car. This makes the scan car very user friendly.


The scanning solution for everyone

Besides number plate parking enforcement, the ScanGenius can also be used for other number plate based enforcement and investigations. The Brickyard back-office checks scanned number plates for valid parking rights, but can also check for car emission classifications (in environmental zones) or search for specific number plates (e.g. tracing stolen vehicles). ScanGenius scanning system; suitable for every application and with a coloured film-wrapping fits any corporate styling.

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about enforcement with the ScanGenius.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the ScanGenius. Feel free to contact us or download the brochure.


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