TrafficEnforcement access control

Closing parts of a city with movable obstacle deters unwanted vehicles, but bollards are fragile and maintenance is expensive. Closing an area with a traffic sign requires too much labor-intensive enforcement to be effective. ANPR access control with TrafficEnforcement is the perfect, cost-effective and safe solution.

  • The famous ANPR access control system from TMC
  • Control unwanted traffic like cut-through driving
  • Low maintenance so low operational costs
  • Powerful infrared light for 24/7 control
  • Number plate scan success rate of over 99%
  • Automatic processing of violations

Camera enforcement

The innovative ANPR camera access control system scans the number plates of all passing vehicles 24 hours a day, and compares the number plates with a list of authorized vehicles.

Vehicles with a permit, such as residents or suppliers, can pass unimpeded. Unauthorized plate numbers are in violation when they pass. After evaluation and approval by an authorized person, they automatically receive a fine at their home address.


Open, but still closed

A physical barrier will delay the flow of authorized traffic. Camera enforcement safeguards unhampered passages, allowing for instance emergency services from other regions to pass unimpeded.


Versatile system

ANPR access control has many application areas. For example, in the centre of Leeuwarden the traffic flow in a bus lane is controlled and in Delft during rush hours, the ANPR cameras impede cut-through driving during rush hours. The bicycle tunnel under the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is not allowed for motor vehicles. The ANPR cameras record the number plates of mopeds and motorbikes and drivers receive a fine at home.

C01 controleert een bussluis in Leeuwarden

Behavioral change at the Rijksmuseum

Start the movie, click and move the mouse in the frame to look around 360 degrees. Even better, open the movie on a smartphone and view it with or without Google Cardboard or VR goggles.

The tunnel under the Rijksmuseum is open for pedestrians and cyclists. To guarantee their safety, motorized traffic is not allowed.

Sophisticated ANPR cameras scan the number plates of all passing vehicles 24/7. An enforcement agent can check the images and confirm the violation. In a few days the driver receives a fine at home.

Since the system was installed, the number of repeat offenders decreased dramatically, making the tunnel a safer passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

C01 weert sluipverkeer in Delft

Brickyard back-office

The management system of ANPR access control is part of Brickyard, the central back-office system. The Brickyard observation overview only highlights the possible offenders. An authorized person, such as an enforcement agent, can assess the findings. After approval, he can export the tickets to a ticket processing entity.

Brickyard also offers a management system for end users such as residents and shopkeepers. They can use this to manage their own permits, or create temporary permits for visitors or suppliers.

More info?

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