OfficePark parking system

OfficePark offers the most user-friendly solution for shared parking locations with multiple users, such as business centers. Assign each company a maximum number of parking spaces, the automatic number plate recognition cameras recognize the different users and the barrier only opens if there are still places available within the user group.

  • Easily share a parking location with multiple users
  • Identification of users based on number plate
  • Allocate separate rights to specific users
  • Management is fully adjustable
  • Optimum ease of use
  • Web-based cloud solution

User friendy car park sharing

With OfficePark, sharing a car park with multiple users or user groups is easier then ever. No hassle with company signs at the parking spaces, but free parking on the entire parking lot. Because of the ANPR cameras, the system knows exactly how many places each user group (each company) has in use.

The system allows for separate rights for special users. For instance you can let your suppliers come in any time, they only stay for a short period, and the CEO can always have a reserved spot.




Accurate and manageable

OfficePark uses high quality ANPR cameras. The cameras are extremely reliable and achieve unprecedented accuracy.

The parking data is managed by a central server and can be accessed via a user-friendly back-office system for parking management information. The web-based system runs independently in the cloud and is an affordable and reliable solution, offering great ease of use and low operational costs.


The entrance and exit of a parking lot with OfficePark is equipped with barriers to control access.


ANPR cameras

ANPR cameras at the entrance and exit scan the number plates of all vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.When the number plate is registered and there are enough places available (for the particular user group), the barrier opens and the parker can enter the parking lot. If not, the barrier will remain closed. Visitors can then contact the reception via the intercom.

When leaving the parking lot, the plate is scanned again. OfficePark knows that a parking space has become available for the particular user group.


OfficePark also includes an intercom system. With this a parker can contact the reception, which can then manually operate the barrier. This allows visitors or suppliers to enter the parking lot, even when they’re not registered in advanced.



The parking data is stored on a server and can be accessed using a user-friendly back-office system. This allows the for management of the complete OfficePark system, including the user groups.

More info?

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