Parquery occupancy control

  • Real-time notification of occupied parking spaces
  • Overstay detection possible
  • Highly reliable imaging processing
  • Works with simple digital cameras
  • Very economical solution

Searching a parking space

Cars looking for a parking space count for about 30% of the traffic in the city. Municipalities, commercial operators, but also retailers all benefit from a smooth flow of traffic and an optimal parking occupancy in the city.


Camera control

Parquery occupancy control provides real-time parking space occupancy information based on digital images from standard outdoor cameras.



Occupancy through image processing

Add a few simple digital cameras to your parking lot and Parquery delivers you and the parker a wealth of information. Based on the captured digital images the unique software algorithms of Parquery are able to determine whether a parking space is occupied. Fast and highly accurate (greater than 99% reliability)

Mobile web interface

The real-time occupancy information can be accessed through a (mobile accessible) web interface, which helps the parker to quickly find a parking space. The camera images are not made public. Moreover, privacy is guaranteed by the low resolution camera images (less than 1 megapixel), so persons or number plates are not recognizable.

Overstay enforcement

The accuracy of the system makes it possible to detect vehicles that have parked to long (overstay). Linked to the Bluebrick enforcement app, it enables enforcement agents to easily check for overstayed vehicles.

Parquery transforms the parking experience by helping traffic to find a parking space faster, reducing searching traffic and emissions drastically.

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about parking occupancy systems.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about Parquery camera control. Feel free to contact us or download the brochure


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