SmartEye sensor


SmartEye sensor

  • Real-time notification of occupied parking spaces
  • Completely wireless system
  • High reliability through patented techniques
  • Robust housing, resistant to vandalism
  • Minimal maintenance due to long life batteries

Searching a parking space

Approximately 30% of city traffic is looking for a parking space. This leads to congestion and air pollution. Both municipalities and commercial operators have an interest in an optimal use of parking spaces and an understanding of the overall use of on street and off street parking.


Automatic occupancy notification

The SmartEye sensor is part of the IVAS parking optimization system. The occupation of each parking space equipped with a SmartEye sensor is tracked wirelessly and in real time.



Management information

The occupation information is sent wirelessly via SmartLink zone controllers to a secure server. Administrators can use access this information through Brickyard for advanced parking analysis and monitoring.



The sensors also register vehicles which have parked too long (overstay), for example in blue zones. IVAS can actively send a push message to the Bluebrick app of the nearest enforcement agent.

Parking guidance

The occupancy information can help parkers to quickly find a parking space. The data can be used in a parking route information sign, which help control the search traffic on access roads, and the SmartApp discloses the information on the smartphone.

Most advanced sensor

The vandal-proof sensors can be used on any road type. RFID technology allows for the identification of licensees for example and the full two-way communication makes it possible to read and program the sensors remotely. This makes the SmartEye the most advanced occupancy sensor in the world!


  • Two-way communication between SmartEye and SmartLink
  • Time stamping of dataflow
  • Unique ID number for every SmartEye


  • SmartEyes are remotely programmable
  • Programmable per cluster or individual sensor
  • Changes saved on the server and then distributed
  • SmartEye with RFID identification capabilities


  • Active feedback of the sensor status
  • Adjustable stand-by for longer battery life


More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about parking occupancy systems.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about SmartEye sensors. Feel free to contact us or download the brochure.


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