How many free parking spaces there are? How do I lead visitors directly to the correct parking lot and thus improve the quality of life in my city? Collecting and presenting accurate information helps parkers to quickly make the right choice. ANPR parking occupancy by Brickyard provides that information, far more accurate than is possible with detection loops and/or barrier counting.

  • Accurate vehicle count using ANPR cameras
  • Guide parkers quickly to the correct parking lot
  • Scalable to any desired size
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Part of the Brickyard platform
  • Able to create statistics based on vehicle data

Number plate counting

ANPR parking occupancy by TMC is a simple but highly effective solution for measuring the occupancy of a parking lot or parking garage. The high quality ANPR cameras positioned at both the entry and exit scan all passing vehicles.


The number of free parking spaces is determined simply by reducing the total number of available spaces with the number of vehicles which entered the parking lot. The ANPR cameras detect the direction of a vehicle, so the system can also handle combined entrance and exit lanes without any problems.


Route information signs

The occupation information of ANPR parking occupancy can be accessed directly and in real time, for example with a Full-Free indication or with a display of the actual number of available spaces.


The system supports standard information sign protocols to connect to virtually any type of information panel. So you can seamlessly integrate ANPR parking occupancy into existing route information installations.

Analysis capabilities

Vehicle counting using ANPR cameras has many application areas. Due to the high accuracy, extensive analysis are possible. For example, determine exactly what the impact is of changes in your parking (pricing) policy, is the parking lot utilization as it was intended?

When connected to a central vehicle number plate registration database, additional data can be requested based on the number plate, such as vehicle type, environmental class, fuel type, etc. This data is stored encrypted, but can be used for more extensive analysis. In another setup, the system can be used as a traffic analyses tool.

Manage with Brickyard

The management system of ANPR parking occupancy is part of Brickyard, the central back-office system of TMC. Within Brickyard the current number of free spaces can be seen and modified, to correct for instance for parking subscribers or faulty parkers. A parking lot can even be manually marked as ‘Full’.


Brickyard brings all management applications under one roof. Combining data offers an even better insight into the mobility of your city, controlling everything in a single click!


More info?

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