abacus garage

Abacus parking system

  • Powerful parking management system for small, medium or large parking lots or garages
  • Supports comprehensive parking lot or parking garage networks
  • Issuing and processing of short-term parking, season parking, one-time tickets, lost ticket
  • Reliable barcode technology
  • Designa: German quality

The Blue Edition system

In a world where resources become more and more scarce TMC and our suppliers are increasingly realizing the need for saving resources and energy. Designa designed the Abacus Blue Edition system according this philosophy. The terminals are standard inactive, greatly reducing energy consumption. The Blue Edition is ranked in the most economical energy class A++

blue edition kassa

blue edition terminal

In addition, the terminals are ergonomically designed and easy to operate. The energy-efficient LED ring at the entrance terminal lights up when a parker approaches it and the height of the ticket outlet is increased, because cars are getting increasingly higher. The Blue Edition terminals are equipped with a high quality finish, an aluminum casing and have a very slim design.

The Abacus system

From the start Abacus is designed by Designa to meet the requirements of small regional but also large international projects. This is noted in the use of internationally recognized hardware and software standards, through the open and transparent interface and not the least because of the virtually unlimited scalability.


abacus terminal

This makes Abacus the ideal solution for small to medium sized parking locations from five to 25 terminals, but also for larger carpark networks which even consist of multiple locations. Whatever the size of your project; Abacus is the right and above most future-proof solution.

More info?

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Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about Abacus. Feel free to contact us or download the brochure


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