Access control

Access control

A barrier such as a bollard can physically close off an area. Such a physical barrier is sometimes not necessary, not desirable or not possible. An ANPR camerasystem can monitor access to an area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Maintain free passage
  • No chance of malfunctioning or collision damage
  • Access control based on vehicle number plate
  • Check cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds and more

Check with ANPR cameras

Accessing a closed area like a pedestrian zone can be suppressed with a (movable) physical barrier. Vehicles accessing the area can be also just be controlled by applying a ANPR camera control system.

Number plate recognition cameras can monitor vehicles entering and leaving an area 24/7, while the area preserves its open and accessible nature. Emergency services can pass unimpeded and malfunctions or collision damage are a thing of the past.



Access rights

Access control with ANPR cameras is very versatile. From bus lanes to permit-only area, from a bicycle tunnel to a low-emission zone. Depending on the application, based on the scanned number plate it is determined whether a vehicle has legitimate access.

In the back-office only the "potential offenders" of the entry ban are highlighted. Follow-up actions can be taken, for example by forwarding them (after approval) to a ticket processing entity. The offender will receive his fine at home.



With TrafficEnforcement and the associated backoffice Brickyard offers the best tools for 24/7 access control.

More info?

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