Access provision

Access provision

Closing an area like a pedestrian zone with a physical barrier such as a bollard provides extra security in the closed area. Only vehicles with valid access rights are able to access the area.

  • Extra security within the closed area
  • Many control options
  • Reliable and vandal-resistant closure

Safe closure

An closed area only fitted with traffic signs may miss its purpose, because not every road user abides by the rules. With a physical barrier such as a bollard only authorized traffic such licensees or local traffic can be granted access.

The exclusion of non-authorized traffic provides additional safety in the closed area. For example, there is no danger for the shoppers in a pedestrian zone or the possibility of ram raids at valuable stores.


Widely applicable

A reliable and vandal-resistant closure which only grants access to authorized traffic is ideal for bus lanes, pedestrian areas, as well as traffic flow control systems. The system is controlled by a transponder, proximity card, as well as automatic number plate recognition cameras, making it extremely versatile.

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about enforcement with access provision using bollards.

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