Camera enforcement

Camera enforcement

Enforcing a closed area such as a pedestrian zone, controlling cut-through driving or checking vehicles in a low emission zone is often too labor-intensive to be effective. Camera enforcement based on number plate registration is the perfect, efficient and most cost-effective solution.

  • Efficient remote enforcement using automatic number plate recognition cameras
  • Evaluate and approve violators at any time
  • Control pedestrian zones, cut-through driving, low emission zones and more
  • A single back-office for all your mobility solutions

Extra eyes on the street

The enforcement agent has to ensure optimal quality of life in the city, but he has to do more with fewer resources. Labour-intensive enforcement, such as checking vehicles in closed areas or cut-through driving, cannot be carried out optimally. However, modern tools can help. A camera enforcement system based on automatic number plate recognition is an extra pair of eyes on the street.


Evaluate and approve in back-office

Camera enforcement does in no way replace the enforcement agent. The extra eyes the cameras offer are just a helpful tool for his enforcement tasks. The enforcement agent can request potential offenders in the back-office at any time. After his evaluation and approval, the vehicle registration details are forwarded for further processing.


C01 weert sluipverkeer in Delft

More effective enforcement

Enforcement using automatic number plate recognition cameras offers many other advantages. The cameras can monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, something an enforcement agent can never attain. The more efficient and also more effective means of control, whether or not combined with proper signage, has a large learning effect on potential offenders. The number of violations is significantly reduced, which improves the quality of life tremendously. And that’s what the enforcement agent is for.

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