Enforcement agent

Enforcement agent

The enforcement agent or traffic warden, ensures optimal quality of life in the city, which reaches further then just parking. Modern enforcement agents have to do more with fewer resources. Parking enforcement, monitoring environmental violations, stray dogs, etc. This requires a more optimal or efficient deployment of people and resources.

Regular enforcement

  • Quality of life in the city
  • Labor intensive
  • No income for municipality

Parking enforcement

  • Labor intensive
  • Income for municipality

More efficient

More task with the same number of people, or even with less. That ask for more efficiency. Modern technologies help the enforcement agent to work more efficiently. An enforcement app helps him to quickly do a number plate and to create a ticket. With a scancar he can checks more cars in less time. With camera parking and camera enforcement he can check offenders from the central back-office.


More resources?

Regular enforcement do not provide any revenues for the municipality, unlike parking enforcement. By making parking enforcement as efficiently as possible, it can be used to create "funding" for regular enforcement.



Information-based enforcement

Base the deployment of enforcement agents on real-time information or on plausibility based on historical data and make enforcement much more efficient.

Intelligent back-office systems can combine data, this way the reports in these systems will be further enriched.

For example, deploy parking occupancy sensors in a blue zone and the enforcement agent can be sent to the area only when, for example, more than 5 vehicles have parked too long. Fast, efficient and time for other activities.

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about efficient enforcement.

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