Number plate parking allows the enforcement agent to scan vehicle number plates with a hand terminal to check for valid parking rights. Using a scancar, which can participate in normal traffic without any speed restrictions, makes enforcement much more efficient.

  • Efficient, automated enforcement
  • More time for other enforcement tasks
  • Continuous measurement of parking occupancy
  • Extensive historical parking reports

Number plate based enforcement

With number plate parking, parking rights are stored in a central PRDB. The enforcement agens scans the vehicle number plates and checks them in the PRDB, manually with a handheld with enforcement app, or more efficiently with a scancar.


A scancar is a vehicle with multiple number plate cameras, which can take part in normal traffic. While driving, the cameras scan the license plates of all parked vehicles, which are immediately checked in the PRDB. A scancar can check much faster, which increases the probability of detection and hence the willingness to pay.


Parking occupancy

During his presence on the street, the scancar detects all parked vehicles, thus he collects valuable parking information. Not only will he determine the current parking occupancy, by his frequent presence he will built historical reports, which can display shifts over time. Each enforcement ride enriches your data.

Extensive back-office

The data of the scancar is sent to the back-office directly, all offenders can be found there. After verification, they can forwarded to a ticket processing entity. In addition, the reporting module in the back-office collects the data from the scan rounds, such as number of parked vehicles. This data can be used are, for example, to further optimize the enforcement rounds.


Buy or rent?

Purchasing a scancar requires a reasonable investment, in addition, not every city wants a continuous presence of the scancar in their streets. Brickyard offers the possibility of renting a scancar. In addition to providing offender information, using a (rented) scancar also provides traffic information. Even a short deployment produces valuable insights used for policy decisions and information-based enforcement.

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about enforcement with the ScanGenius scancar.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the scancar. Feel free to contact us.


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