Post-paid parking

Post-paid parking

To maintain the quality of the limited amount of public space available, it is wisely to regulate parking by introducing paid parking. By letting parkers pay afterwards for only the time they've parked, they can do their shopping in peace, without fear of a parking ticket.


  • Pay only for how long you park
  • No stress for running out of parking time
  • Convenient for parkers and retailers
  • Many possibilities for terrains and garages
  • Also possible without a barrier

Post-payment provides ease

Post-paid parking offers parkers more ease while doing their shopping. No need to be afraid of a parking ticket. Better nog only for parker but also for the retailers.

Brickyard offers a wide range of modern parking systems, from small stand-alone systems or large interconnected networks, to barrierless and ticketless parking. The systems are characterized by their modular design, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and unparalleled flexibility. In terms of appearance and technology our systems are everything you would expect from a modern parking system.


SlimPark: Economic solution

A professional and economical parking system, designed to meet the requirements of smaller parking lots, that is SlimPark. All necessary features in a compact, practical and elegant design, easy to use and with a minimum of moving parts requires low maintenance. This makes SlimPark the perfect solution for both parkers and operators.

Abacus: Advanced parking management

The best solution for organizing any type of parking location, that is Abacus: A powerful parking management system for small, medium or large parking lots or parking garages. Whether you want to restrict access to a small parking area, or you have a network of large parking installations with hundreds of terminals, Abacus offers the best solution.

More info?

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