Realtime occupancy

Realtime occupancy

Driving a car is only moving from parking space to parking space. Being able to quickly find a parking space is therefore an essential part of optimizing mobility. Brickyard offers various systems that can determine in real-time the occupancy of parking spaces and thus help parkers to find a suitable parking place quickly.

  • Quickly find a parking space
  • Less congestion
  • Less air pollution
  • Optimal use of the available space
  • Detailed statistics available

For the parker

The occupation information from street parking and from parking lots and garages can help the parker quickly find his parking space. (Mobile) websites, smartphone apps and dynamic route information lead him to the nearest available parking location, with less congestion and air pollution as a result.


For the municipality

Real-time occupancy data also provides useful information to municipalities. The systems also record vehicles that have parked too long, for example overstay in blue zones, after which enforcement can be actively deployed. In addition, the (historical) occupation data can be used for advanced parking analysis and policy decisions.


SmartEye sensors in London Westminster

In London Westminster the deployment of SmartEye sensors in combination with the SmartApp has led to a reduction of so-called "searching traffic" of up to 40 procent.

Smart sensors

A sensor in each parking space that sees if there is a car is. It doesn’t get much simpler. Patented techniques measure whether there is a car parked above the sensor, which is transmitted wirelessly to a base station. The Brickyard SmartEye sensors provide real-time occupancy reports, which are immediately available on website or app and can be linked to dynamic route information.


Digital image processing

The occupancy information can also be determined with relatively simple outdoor cameras. Based on the images, a unique image processing technology determines whether a parking space is occupied or not, fast and highly accurate. Parquery occupancy control offers real-time occupancy reports, directly available by (mobile) website.

More info?

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