From parking meters and off street parking systems to handheld computers. With our mobility systems from you always deal with complex technical products. For your employees who work with the systems daily, it is important to know all the ins and outs.

That's why we offer courses for both the product and the associated software. We also provide refresher courses, allowing your employees to stay up-to-date of with knowledge and the latest product developments.

  • Parking meters: Basic course

    This course is aimed at primary maintenance.

  • Parking meters: Intermediate course

    This course focuses on the secondary maintenance including troubleshooting and replacement of modular parts.

  • Parking meters: myParkfolio

    This is a complete course on the myParkfolio back-office and is intended for administrators.

  • Barrier systems: Basic administration

    This course covers primary maintenance works, as well as controlling and working with post-paid parking system in the back-office.

  • Barrier systems: Reports

    This course covers the financial side of post-paid parking systems, and the reporting module WebReport.

  • Enforcement: Bluebrick basic course

    The basic course for enforcement agents who work with the Bluebrick enforcement app.

  • Enforcement: Brickyard back-office

    The course for anyone who works with the Brickyard back-office. This training can include (as required) Bluebrick, ANPR access control, etc.

  • Access control: Basic administration

    This course covers all primary maintenance works as well as controlling and working with the access control (bollard-) system in the back-office.

  • Custom courses

    Besides the standard courses, we also offer courses entirely catered to the customer's needs. These courses can take place either on site (in The Netherlands) or at TMC. Feel free to ask the TMC Servicedesk or your account manager.

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